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Our team at David Kirkland Racing is proud to to announce that Mav TV will be our new primary marketing sponsor. With their support, our “Spirit of Texas” drag boat will continue to be a competitive force on the water.

If you’re already enjoying the high definition options Mav TV provides, we want to thank you for supporting a company which does so much for motor sports and for our team. If you’re new to Mav TV, here is an excerpt from their website which explains their programming options.

“Unlike other networks that serve up much of the same old content you’ve been watching for years, MAVTV brings you plenty of never-before-seen high definition exclusives. It’s fresh, original content finely tuned to beat the typical television watching experience. Comedy, Movies, Action Sports, Adventure and More…all in fantastic HD detail.”

If you don’t get Mav TV, call your cable or satellite provider and ask them how you can get it.




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